Many moons ago, (back in 2009 to be precise) we had the vision of creating a company that would encourage fitness and take advantage of the beautiful British outdoors (rain and all!). Bootcamp Tring was born and fast-forward to today where Nicole and her team of amazing Instructors remain committed to that ethos. Our goal is that everyone, regardless of their level of fitness has fun and gets fit. Every session is different; we mix it up (Intervals, HIIT, Tabata, Relays, Circuits, Drills, Team/Partner/Individual Games) and we use some pretty awesome toys (tractor tyres, battle ropes, ViPRs, weighted, vest, Kettlebells, heavy bags, SAQ ladders, Boxing gloves...the list is exhaustive and continues to grow!). Our Bootcampers never know what they’re going to be faced with but we guarantee that they will walk (…sometimes crawl!) away from our sessions feeling challenged, invigorated, successful and excited to return. Come and try us out; we are passionate about getting people fit and judging from the feedback, you are loving what we do!

Our Crew

We're proud of our Bootcamp Crew and we're not shy to say we think they're absolutely the BEST at what they do!


Live life out loud! Read more


Treat others how you'd like to be treated yourself! (Except during bootcamp) Read more


Don't Stress, don't panic, there's no such thing as a problem and always a solution. Read more


Never finish something knowing you could have done more. Read more


Failure is just practice for success Read more


With seven weekly sessions (mornings, evenings & weekends) we can accommodate even the craziest schedule! All sessions are 60mins.
MONDAY 09.30-10.30
TUESDAY 09.30-10.30
TUESDAY 20:00-21:00
WEDNESDAY 06.00-07.00 (Rise & Grind!)
THURSDAY 09:30-10:30
THURSDAY 20:00-21:00
FRIDAY 09.30-10.30
SUNDAY 09.30-10.30

Get In Touch

At Bootcamp we are passionate about what we do; our goal is that everyone, regardless of their level of fitness is challenged, has fun and gets fit. Come and try us out!

BOOTCAMP TRING The Tring Cricket Club London Road, Tring HP23 6HA 07876 443392

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