Motto I Live By:
Choose, Challenge, Change…. You choose what you want to be/do/achieve, then challenge yourself to reach your goals, change is the natural progression resulting from working towards your goals. This can be applied to all areas of life including fitness!!

An Interesting/Weird Fact About Me:
I convinced my nephew, when he was younger, that I was actually an alien… He believed it for over a year! I loved playing tricks…..

The Super Hero I’d Love to Be:
Wonder Woman because she gets a cool outfit and she’s strong!!

My Greatest Fitness Achievement Is:
Realising and understanding the relationship between food intake, activity levels and my weight…. It took me a while to accept it but once I did, I lost my extra weight and have maintained a healthy weight since then by exercising and being aware of what I eat.

My Go-To Breakfast:
Porridge with banana….. Yum!

Best Thing About Bootcamp:
Is that ANYONE can join in, it really is an inclusive atmosphere and all the Bootcampers are so supportive of each other and that makes it heaps of fun!