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What Is Bootcamp?

Bootcamp is an outdoor fitness workout.  At Bootcamp Tring every session is different; we mix it up (Intervals, HIIT, Tabata, Relays, Circuits, Drills, Team/Partner/Individual Games) and we use some pretty awesome toys (Tractor Tyres, Battle Ropes, ViPRs, Weighted Vests Heavy Bags, Kettlebells, SAQ Ladders, Barbells, Dumbells, Bands, Boxing Gloves...the list is exhaustive and continues to grow!). Our Bootcampers never know what they’re going to face with but we guarantee that they will walk (…sometimes crawl!) away from our sessions feeling challenged, invigorated, successful and excited to return.


Do I need to get fit before attending my first session?

No, you don't need to get fit to join us: our job is to get you fit (and to make sure you have fun doing it).  And what if you're already fit?  Our job is to get you fitter!


What should I bring?

DO bring water.

DO bring a small towel.

DO bring a 'Can Do' attitude!


Do sessions run if it's raining/snowing/very cold?

Sessions run regardless of the weather (that's part of the appeal!)


What should  I wear?

Bootcampers wear whatever they feel most comfortable in: tracksuits, sweatpants, leggings, hoodies, tees, shorts, vest tops, body warmers, skorts.  Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather, we suggest wearing layers so that you can add or eliminate pieces depending on how you feel during the workout.  

DO wear suitable footwear (running shoes or trail running shoes) that is supportive and gives you some cushioning.


Am I able to bring my children?

Children may not participate in the sessions but our Bootcampers can feel free to bring their children provided their presence doesn't detract from the session.

*Babies can be in pushchairs or prams. 

*Toddlers are welcome but parents must ensure they don't interrupt the smooth flow of the session (ie: bring toys etc to keep them occupied and be ready to abandon the session should your child need you).

*School-aged children are invited to bring scooters, bikes, balls, tablets, books

*Young adults may join their parent/guardian for the Bootcamp session at the Instructors discretion 


How often should I attend Bootcamp?

That will very much depend on your level of fitness and the amount of time you have available to train.  As a general rule we encourage our Bootcampers to attend at least two sessions per week


Can I attend if I'm pregnant/ post-partum?

If you have been active prior to falling pregnant, we are happy to have you join us for as long as you feel able and you have been given the 'all clear' from your GP. 


After giving birth, provided there were no complications, we will be happy to see you return to our ranks once you have been signed off by your doctor (no earlier than 6 weeks post-partum).


Can I attend if I have an injury?

We encourage you to seek guidance from your Health Practitioner prior to attending any Bootcamp sessions if you are dealing with any injuries.   Always let your Instructor know of any current health issues so that they can provide you with safe alternatives and modifications if needed.  


I'd just like to try Bootcamp to see if I'll like it, do you offer free sessions?

We think it's really important for you to try us out before committing to anything which is why we are so pleased to have our two week Newbie Offer (two weeks of Unlimited Bootcamp for £10).  A two week window to experience our two venues and all of  our Instructors will give you an accurate idea of what it's like to be a member at Bootcamp Tring

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