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We absolutely love Newbies* and we're so confident that you will love everything about Bootcamp Tring that we're giving you two weeks of Unlimited sessions for £10.

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                 noun - INFORMAL


                1. An inexperienced newcomer to a particular group or activity   

                2. Also see: neophyte, newcomer, rookie, fledgling


Fitness can be daunting.

           ALSO TRUTH:

At Bootcamp Tring we're committed to making your fitness journey fun, manageable (we promise to never leave anyone behind) and varied as well as challenging (because fitness IS challenging!).


Newbies, it's time to bravely take that big step with your fitness and join us.  We've made it so easy: £10 will get you two weeks of Unlimited Bootcamp (did we mention that we offer NINE weekly sessions?!).

*The term 'Newbie' refers to people who have never done a Bootcamp session with us in the past. The Newbie Offer applies to two consecutive weeks  (14 consecutive calendar days) .  There is no limit to the number of Bootcamp sessions that a Newbie may attend during the two weeks. Payment must be made prior to your inaugural Bootcamp session.  If you have done a Bootcamp session in the past, you are not eligible for the Newbie Offer but we would love to have you as either a Member or as a Drop In.
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