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At Bootcamp Tring, our amazing Instructors will challenge, encourage and push you; they will take your fitness to levels you didn't know were possible, they will make the unforgiving GRIND of Bootcamp achievable!



Fitness is my passion; I was a gym enthusiast in my late teens, but it wasn't until my twenties that I became a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. There isn't any aspect of fitness that I don't love and I find nothing more enjoyable than pushing myself out of my comfort zone and discovering new ways to be active (surfing, karate, ashtanga yoga, marathons, triathlons to name a few) and I feel incredibly lucky that every day I get to empower people to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life through fitness. 

In 2009, my dream was to offer outdoor fitness that would be exhilarating, fun & challenging, I couldn't be more proud to see it come to fruition with Bootcamp Tring, our Bootcampers are the most amazing group of people who work hard, are open to new things and encourage each other to be and to do their very best! 

I have been a Personal Trainer for more than 12 years, amassing a vast amount of experience and in the process, developing a passion for injury rehabilitation & management, as well as postural correction.
With my own positive outlook , while I enjoy workouts a 'WORK OUT', I also like to ensure they are fun and good humoured.


I have been in the fitness industry since 2015...and joined Bootcamp Tring immediately! I love encouraging and educating others about fitness and well-being. So many of us don't have the confidence or the knowledge to realise our full potential; my goal is to push people out of their comfort zone and achieve more than they thought they could.  When I hear them say 'I didn't think I could do that!', it makes my day! 


I love Bootcamp because of the energy of the 'campers (they keep me entertained and I ensure they get a GOOD workout every time!) - no two sessions are the same.


I am also an Advanced Pole and Aerial Hoop Instructor and it's all of the different areas of fitness that keep my love for the industry constantly growing!


I've been a qualified trainer since 2015 and joined the Boootcamp Crew in May 2016. I love a challenge and I think that setting and reaching goals is of life's little pleasures! My favourite thing about Bootcamp is (obviously) the campers and seeing the enthusiasm the effort that they bring makes me look forward to every session..  I love that Bootcamp is far more that exercise: it is a happy, inclusive and welcoming community.

Outside of Bootcamp, running is my thing!  I love to run alone or with a buddy; I don't care what the weather is like and I have plenty of head torches in case it's dark.  Every month I run a couple of half marathons for fun with my partner (Fun Fact: I go through six pairs of running trainers a year!).


I love early mornings which is why you'll see me at bright and early at 6am Monday Bootcamp (is there a more awesome and awe-inspiring time of day?) but you'll be hard-pressed to see me at the 8:15pm sessions (nights definitely aren't my thing)!  My life is multifaceted: I have worked for the NHS for the past 18 years, I have taught Paramedic Science at University for five years, I'm Mum to two incredible kids, I'm currently studying Nutrition and 'infecting our family's diet with veg (according to my son!) and becoming a certified Personal Trainer is my most recent accomplishment.
l love setting myself fitness goals (like doing an Ironman...but spreading it over the course of a month!). I ran my first (an very possibly my last) half marathon this year and my current goal is to learn to  open water swim and  to master handstands (not at the same time).
I love Bootcamp because the atmosphere is so incredibly supportive, the Bootcampers are up for anything and everyone works so hard.
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