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Anna A.

I have been going to Bootcamp Tring for about 10 years, having been introduced by a friend. So what is it that keeps me coming back?  Could it be:


  • The fab instructors, who motivate me to do my best

  • The full body workout that I get  (which is different each session)

  • The camaraderie and friendship of all the other boot-campers, and the chat when we are not too exhausted to speak

  • The fact that it has kept me fit as I get older

  • The exercises that allow us to have childish fun – the games, rolling around in the mud, skipping!

  • That I have learnt new things about myself – who knew I was a natural at bear-crawl or that I quite like burpees

  • The fantastic value for money

  • The sessions which fit in around my work


Actually it is all of the above because basically I love it!"

Helen B.

I  joined Bootcamp in 2014 and have never looked back!


I am not a natural athlete or a fitness freak, but the great thing about Bootcamp is it doesn't matter! I have gained a passion for outdoor exercise!  Rain? Sun? Snow?  You will find me there.


You find your own level, set your own challenges and achieve your own goals. The trainers, are just the best in the business, they encourage you and no one session is ever the same.


Bootcamp is so unique, it gives you the chance to exercise with like-minded people that encourage you and the banter is is great too! With so many sessions a week there really is no excuse not to come along and join in the fun, yes it really is FUN! 

Vikki D.

I have found a family at Bootcamp Tring over the last four years since having my second child. 


Real team spirit and support that encourages you.  Every session with the brilliant Instructors makes me mentally and physically well.  You go when you're tired, you go as it makes you happier and you go because you wouldn't be without Bootcamp Tring. 


Here's to the next four years!

Paul B.

I agreed to go to Bootcamp after a friend recommended it over 6 months ago.  I thought I had got as fit as I was going to get for my age with mountain biking several times a week and a bit of Joe wicks...turns out I was wrong! 


I now do two Bootcamps a week...sometimes more and am fitter that I've been for 2 years.  All the Bootcamp coaches are brilliant, relentless and are all the fellow Bootcampers. 


No matter what level you are when you start, you are not alone and you will improve.  Can't recommend it enough!

June M.

I have been going to Bootcampp for 7-8 years, initially to improve my fitness for tennis, but I am now committed rain or shine!


The Instructors are very good at what they do.  You work hard without realising just how hard.  Each Instructor brings something different, no two sessions are identical.  


There is great camaraderie amongst the participants.  It motivates me to get up and get out of bed - I get a great sense of achievement, even when I am aching!

Thank you Nicole and your amazing team!


After being a long term gym enthusiast but tired of the same thing/same place routine (and not really pushing myself!), I decided to give Bootcamp Tring a try.  Fast track 8 years and I haven’t looked back:

- Fantastic enthusiastic trainers who inspire and challenge

- Whole body workouts and every session is completely different

- Meeting people (now friends!) with a common interest who support and encourage

- Connecting with the outside as you watch the seasons come and go


Bootcamp Tring is not just about fitness but mind and body wellbeing.  It's awesome!


I'm a big fan of the five Ways To Wellbeing which advises us to: keep active, keep learning, connect, be mindful and give to others - as a way of maximising our mental health.  I think Bootcamp Tring gives us all of these in spades! 


Thank you to all the fantastic instructors and brilliant Bootcampers for providing such a physical and mental health boost!


One of my friends suggested that we tried Bootcamp Tring some 10 years ago now. At the time I had no idea what it was or what it entailed, but I have not looked back. In those 10 years no session has been the same. Each of the wonderful instructors has their own style but each session is different and fun.


I am now fitter, more toned, closer to the Tring grapevine and have met lots of great friends.




Why do I love Bootcamp Tring?

There are so many different people who  I would never have met any other way, people a decade older or a decade younger super fit or beginners.

I’ve been coming to Bootcamp Tring for nearly 10 years after moving here from Nottingham, it’s always there rain, or snow and however I feel before the session, I always feel better afterwards.

I like the knowledge that every session is different, I love the outside and that the instructors are so positive and push me to a place I would never go on my own, the flexibility is so useful, mix and matching sessions to fit in with work or other commitments.

The socials are the icing on the cake and make it more of an exercise community than exercise classes.


I ❤️ Bootcamp. It’s my outdoor happy workout place whatever the weather, rain or shine.

A fab team of instructors and the Bootcamp family is just the best for support, motivation and encouragement.

Bootcamp got me fit, keeps me fit and always makes me smile!


I've been attending Bootcamp Tring for over 7 years now and over that time I still attended during and after two pregnancies. The instructors were always brilliant, varied and supportive and tailored exercises accordingly. There is a lovely sense of community with the people who attend and often you can make great, long-term friendships.


I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their fitness in a supportive way.


Bootcamp gives me that whole-body workout that I don’t normally get with running and cycling. The added benefit is the camaraderie with the other people - friendships through shared adversity and a lot of laughs along the way!


For the last year Bootcamp has given me a boost.  It is difficult to find early morning fitness sessions and the people are so friendly and encouraging to anyone who comes.

E. B.

I've been a Bootcamp member for many years now and for me it's a vital part of my weekly routine.  Every session 'oils my bones' and I will always come away feeling on  top of the world!

A Bootcamp session for me re-sets my body and mind and I've made life-long friends...I couldn't be without it!

Nandi H.

I love Bootcamp! I have been coming for a couple of years and I STILL love it!


A few of my favourite things…

Every session is different so its never boring or dull, it’s always challenging and I can choose how hard to push myself; and very importantly for me, I feel challenged to push myself but it’s not scarily competitive.


I am constantly amazed by how different we all are and what different people find easier or harder and therefore how brilliant Bootcamp is for everyone!  


I love being able to be myself at Bootcamp, sometimes I just want to get on with exercising and other times I want a chat with the fabulous people attending and either is fine and accepted.

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